How to build a successful website?

Aug 18, 2019

How to build a successful website?



How to build a successful website?

Write down your ideas to have a plan and think about which sections in your website project are required. Think about which categories you need for your products or services, you need those very soon for the keyword analysis. If possible sketch a simple diagram, this will help you later to remember how your first website’s structure was planned.


Keyword analysis, do some research which keywords need to be used to find your website


Traffic from Google or other search engines is great for conversions on your website. To get your site in Google’s search results you need to know which keywords are used by your customers. By using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool it’s possible to find the most popular keywords. Access the tool and enter 3-5 important keywords which are related to your product or service. From the generated list of keywords it’s not smart to select those with the highest search volume because it’s very hard to compete with existing and more established websites. Go for the keywords with a “higher” volume and check for each of them the competition in Google Search.



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Vanitha 08-24-2019

Thank you for sharing an information on becoming social media influencer.

Priya 08-24-2019

Thanks for sharing with us. It's very useful information for me.

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